ASH WIN ENGINEERS, having made its modest beginning in 1992 at Ahmedabad, India. Which is now undisputed player in manufacturing and export of State of the art full range of Rotomolding machines, Microfine Pulvering system, Compounding Extrusion Lines, Highspeed Mixers, Scrap Granulators, Vibratory Screens, Rotational Moulds of Mild steel/ Stainless steel and also other related Plastics auxiliary equipments. The promoters are visionary engineers who are possessing strong technical as well as management back ground with focus in manufacturing of Plastic Rotational Molding Plants and Extrusion processing plants.
Research and Developments
"Total Commitment to Customer Satisfaction"

Research and Developments

Research and development have always played a prominent role in our Organisation. Thanks to design team for innovation and the constant enhancement of our products, In a short span of last 8 years our company has become a recognized and competitive player in the market of latest and high-tech Rotomoding machines and Moulds. This is the power of our development team .

The main objective of our development is to produce new and innovative solutions founded on the latest technological research findings, which will be popular as user friendly products.

In order to accomplish these objectives, we pay special attention to research and development. To encourage business development, we have established a structure that enables us to support innovative activities to the maximum extent. We provide our experts with all the means and facilities (time and resources) they need to fully implement their ideas.

Our primary goal is to continue to incorporate cutting-edge technological innovations into our all products and services , which can guarantee us a major market advantage. We believe that all this can be achieved through innovation and research.

Commitment To Quality

We are committed to delivering high quality products which intern is a result of quality approach and quality systems established at each stage of Organisation process chain; which fully meets our customers' needs for quality assurance (QA). We aim to offer a flexible approach, focused on customers' needs for quality, timeliness and cost.

We have team of Engineers who ensure the quality standards at each stages of production and process ; they are provided with all facilities, resources and Instruments to check and ensure quality.

We place great emphasis on product quality. Our products are manufactured to the highest standards and face stringent, comprehensive quality control testing during multiple stages of production, and upon completion.