ASH WIN ENGINEERS, having made its modest beginning in 1992 at Ahmedabad, India. Which is now undisputed player in manufacturing and export of State of the art full range of Rotomolding machines, Microfine Pulvering system, Compounding Extrusion Lines, Highspeed Mixers, Scrap Granulators, Vibratory Screens, Rotational Moulds of Mild steel/ Stainless steel and also other related Plastics auxiliary equipments. The promoters are visionary engineers who are possessing strong technical as well as management back ground with focus in manufacturing of Plastic Rotational Molding Plants and Extrusion processing plants.
Rotational Moulds
"Total Commitment to Customer Satisfaction"

Rotational Moulds

ASH WIN has well equipped Mould division with all tooling facilities and technical team for precision fabrication of moulds with computerized design. We all have facilities like sheet cutting machines, bending machines, ribbed machines, argon welding , buffing machines and also have separate unit with full Rotomolding plant to test any regular or customized designed Roto moulds. We offer all Rotational Moulds of following design of Rotoproducts which are highly demanding in market.


  • Modular design structure.
  • Space saving.
  • Reduction in material loss.
  • Better option to minimize dusting.
  • Process optimization
  • Better utilization of main & scrap material
  • Easy operation and maintenance
  • Flexibile design as per custom requirement.
  • Cost control by reusing scrap material as per application
  • Better & consistent product quality due to perfect screening.
  • Better Polution control

Mould specifications

  • Moulds will be fabricated from recommended and graded 2 or 3 mm sheet as per customer demand.
  • We shall prepare and provide Autocad Drawing in 2D/ 3 D for your final approval.
  • All moulds will be equipped with reverse engraved logo plates, LTR capacity and Instrcutions as per customer's requirements.
  • Threaded Manhole rings for all moulds will be made as per regular or customized design and dimensions.
  • All inside corner radius will not be less then 10 mm and joint will be avoided at corners.
  • Parting lines will be made from properly leveled and matched flat bars or from plates. They will be without undercuts and properly matched with set pins.
  • All the welded joints will be properly finished as same as mould surface.
  • No dent, scratches or hammer marks will be observed.
  • Mirror polished inside mould surface.
  • If customer requires, then External surface of the mould will be painted with high resistance anticorrosion Black/ silver paint or may be with buffing.

Application areas

Application areas
Water storage tanks, Loft rectangular tanks, Under ground water tanks ( sumps ) , Double / Triple layer tanks, PUF Insulated tanks, House hold drums, Septic tanks, House hold barrels/ drums for water and grains storage.
Chemical and acid storage tanks, Acid processing tanks, Mixing tanks, Electroplating / pickling tanks, Processing crates, stackable crates, Pallets, waste bins and containers, Insulated boxes, Insulated crates, Fish boxes, Intermediate bulk containers ( IBC )
Vessels, Horizontal tanks, Conveying system Mould, Planters, Roof top, Automobile parts like Nice sield, wheel guard, Dust bins, Furniture, Litter bins, Instruments console, Road barriers, and Road deviders, Play ground equipments like rockers, slides, kanopy, play stations, toys, balls, etc., floating docks on sea beach, Mobile toilet, camod, many other applications where hollow and bigger size article is used.